Intimate DIY Seattle Mt. Rainier Summer Elopement

Elopements have a special place in my heart. There is something about them that is always on track: the focus doesn’t stray. At times, weddings can feel like grand orchestrations, but elopements almost always feel intentional. Smaller. Intimate. Quieter. There is nothing wrong with wedding days that are free, and big, and loud, and full of grand gestures. Both kinds of celebrations are beautiful in their own way.

Emry and Dalton decided to elope with their closest friends near Mt. Rainier in June of this year. The boys and I went out on the morning of the wedding and hiked some nearby trails to decide on a ceremony spot. I loved how laid back the entire day felt, the freedom of being without a timeline or a list of photos that needed to happen. Instead, I just stood back, (I had a horrible cold during this elopement so my voice was worth ~not shit~ anyway) and I paid attention. To the connection between the people in front of me, the beautiful landscape we were surrounded by, and the words that Emry and Dalton shared between one another as they made it official.

The morning after the wedding, we drove back up the mountain to catch sunrise from the peak. It was so quiet, and the fog covered the ground from every direction. The sunrise hitting the peak of Mt. Rainier looked like a wildfire from far away. It was one of the most magical mornings I’ve ever been a part of.

A big thank you as well to my bud Lexi for tagging along and helping with photo + video. Wedding film coming soon! xo

Colorful Catskills Summer Wedding at Maple Shade Farm

Randy and Brooke's first date lasted for 8 hours. Brooke's reaction when he showed up to their date in a bowtie was "Well, this is more like it." Together they are funny, and charming, and wildly loved by the people that surround them.

I absolutely loved photographing their colorful summer wedding at Maple Shade Farm. They put so much hard work into every little detail of the day, from quirky Wes Anderson inspired wedding details to candies featured from around the globe. Their family and friends traveled from all across the world to celebrate their wedding in Upstate New York - Brooke's family came all the way from Australia. The connection between the two of them is obvious and genuine and a total joy to be around. They danced into the night surrounded by all of their people under a bright full summer moon - it was an unforgettable day. Here's a little bit of what we made together.

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Photography: Hallie Sigwing Photography

Venue: Maple Shade Farm

Video: Yasunari Rowan

Dress: Maggie Sottero Ettia

DJ: Jay McElfresh

Flowers: Maple Shade Farms

Make-up: Jacob Hyzer

Catering: Chef Deanna

Colorful Elegant Summer Wedding with Wes Anderson details and vintage decor. Star Wars wedding cake. Mountain wedding portraits. 


Colorful Marvel Comic Book Wedding in Brooklyn

Erin and Adam's wedding day was incredibly unique. It was full of color, delicious food, great music, and friends from all over the country. It was a perfect representation of them, their personalities, interests, and the people that surround them in their daily lives. They got married at the Greater Ridgewood Historical Society in June. Their summer wedding was full of so many colorful details and thoughtful touches. There were so many comic book wedding details thoughtfully incorporated into their day, including their ring box and Marvel themed center pieces. We started at their Airbnb and walked toward the venue, stopping to take photos with the graffiti and artwork that fills the streets of Ridgewood. Adam's aunt, Shirley, surprised them by showing up in a Star Trek Captian costume to officiate their ceremony. Adam's co-workers from the Belfry in Manhattan held down the bar, and Adam (who happens to be an incredible vocalist, you can find his music here) did a quick cover song with the performing band, Paris. Erin proposed to Adam with a ring pop, so it was only fitting that they also be available at the snack bar. We snuck out for a few portraits at sunset and returned to celebrate the rest of the evening with drinks, dancing, and even some donuts from the Doughnut Plant. After dark, they had a bonfire and all of the necessary provisions for s'mores. They exited this summer love shebang with a plethora of sparklers and a final dance to the song "Pony" by Ginuwine. Best day ever. 

Photography: Hallie Sigwing Photography 

Venue: Greater Ridgewood Historical Society 

Florist: Quinn Florist

Dress: Unique Vintage

Catering: Korilla BBQ & Aumm Aumm 

Cake: Doughnut Plant

Music: Paris NY &  Eden Lane

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Kansas City Engagement & Wedding Photographer

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I had so much fun photographing Stephanie and Jordan in preparation for their Kansas City wedding scheduled for next summer! I drove from a wedding weekend in New York City and we met up at Ricketts Glen State Park outside of Scranton, Pennsylvania to take some engagement photos near the beautiful hiking trails and waterfalls located at the park. The weather on the day of the session was absolutely perfect. We kicked off our shoes and waded into the chilly water to take these photos. I'm so excited for their Kansas City Summer Wedding at the Terrace on Grand Street in downtown KCMO next June. I couldn't believe that this state park was in Pennsylvania! It felt like something in the Pacific Northwest. Everything was so green, and there were countless waterfalls to choose from. If it hadn't started getting dark, I think we could have taken photos for hours. Jordan and Stephanie were such troopers in the cold water and slippery conditions. Now that the weather is getting up over the 100's here in Kansas City I definitely wouldn't mind going back. It was so cool to photograph them near their home, even though they'll be coming back to Kansas City to host their KCMO Summer wedding! I loved that we were able to get a variety of locations for the photos that we'll be making together. I definitely regretted my shoe decision for the session but Stephanie didn't complain a single time in her heels! Haha. At the end of the night we pulled my rental car into the parking lot and made a little bit of after dark magic with the headlights of my car. We also got busted by a park ranger at one point, but we still had enough time to make some really cool photos. Stephanie's engagement session outfits had me dying! I loved all of the dresses that she brought to change into. I'm so excited to photograph them again next year! 

Feminine DIY Colorado Rocky Mountain Wedding

So excited to share this romantic Rocky Mountain wedding that took place at Spruce Mountain Ranch! Jaime and Bryan spent the day with all of their family and friends to celebrate their wedding in Larkspur Colorado. Jaime wore a beautiful and simple wedding dress from Something New Boutique in Colorado Springs. The Colorful Wildflower Wedding Bouquets were arranged by Spring Creek Willows 'n Weeds. Their day was full of cute DIY wedding details, like the tree stumps that Bryan branded himself with their initials. This Rocky Mountain Wedding in Larkspur Colorado was almost too perfect to put into words. A stormy sky fell over the mountain just before the ceremony time, but the rain held off completely. Their reception was catered a beautiful meal by the Colorado Wedding Caterer, Buffalo Gals in Colorado Springs and finished off with a unique wedding cake made by Bella Cakes by Thena. I had so much fun photographing this Mountain Wedding alongside their planner, Jennifer with Events with Altitude. To see more of my wedding work, click here

Prospect Park Brooklyn Engagement Session

A couple of weeks back, Lindsey & Thomas invited me to their home in Park Slope and we spent the evening wandering around their neighborhood and exploring Prospect Park. Even though it was the first time I was meeting them, it felt like we'd known each other for years. These two kept me cracking up the entire evening and were so effortlessly compatible, I hardly had to give them any posing or instruction whatsoever. Prospect Park is one of my favorite places in Brooklyn because it's the closest thing we have at any given point to relative wilderness. New York can really drain you after a while, and returning to the park to slough the city from your shoulders and toss a frisbee around with a dog or two is sometimes exactly what the soul needs. I loved hanging out with these guys and I'm super excited to photograph their Hudson Valley wedding next summer. It was hard to narrow down my favorites to share with you here! 

campfire lovers session

It's been a little over a year since I took these photos of Hannah and Jake. We went out to the lake last summer and spent the evening by the water, playing music and shooting the shit until the sun went all the way down and we ran out of beer and the fire slowly waned. They love each other, yes, this is true. But the reason why I wanted to photograph them is because I have never met two human beings who so vividly act as one another's muse. Both of them are incredibly talented artists and watching the way they inspire each other has had me inspired for a long while. Jake's a pretty smart guy, so this week he asked Hannah to marry him. And Hannah is a pretty smart lady, so naturally, she said yes. To celebrate I finally finished these photos and I will share them with you here. <3

Connecticut Skateboarder Wedding

I left Connecticut yesterday feeling like a kid on their way home from summer camp. That happy, delirious kind of exhausted that only comes after a weekend of pouring your heart into something. Sam and Max were married on Saturday at Max's childhood home in New Hartford, Connecticut. Surrounded by family, friends, dogs, and blow-up pink flamingos, we celebrated. We danced. We cried. We drank whiskey and lemonade. I will never be able to comprehend how lucky I am to be a part of days like this one. 

Here's the story of the day that two of the very best kind of people decided to keep each other around for the rest of all time.


rings: Nikolai Rose

make up: Jalen - Vibes Hair Lounge 

hair: Kelly - Gallery Salon

taco truck: Taco Loco

cocktail hour: Catherine Gillespie

ice cream: Ben & Jerry's

cake: Hardcore Sweet

flowers: Sweet Pea's

dress: BHLDN

max's badass attire: Freeman's Sporting Club

Second shooting by the lovely Samantha June of Arius Photography.