Waffles & Lovers

Devon and Sam were sweet enough to let me photograph them in Sam's beautiful, sunny, plant-filled Lawrence apartment. <3 

Sam also happens to be an important voice in an industry that Leslie Knope and I both consider to be wildly important: waffles. To check out some of his events and snag yourself a breakfast almost as sexy as Devon and Sam themselves, click, here. Or here.

Here's what we made:

Rise | New York City

Sharing some images I took on the first warm day of this year with my lovely friend, the very talented model + actress, Sherise. One thing that will always remain true is that if you know Rise, you love her. And if you’re lucky enough to call her your friend, undoubtedly, you know that you’ve been loved. She is beautiful inside and out, wise beyond her years, and truly one of the most radiant people I’ve ever known. I’m so grateful that New York City brought her into my life.

You can follow along with Rise and her modeling endeavors here on instagram: www.instagram.com/sherisepowell

Alex & Billy |Omaha Nebraska Wedding Photographer

I love the way that my story with Alex and Billy came full circle: we met after being seated next to one another at a mutual friend's wedding in Omaha, in 2016. We starting chatting and realized that not only did we all live in the KC area, Alex and I had both worked for Kansas Athletics, had a group of mutual friends and coworkers, and had somehow never met. The universe works in magical ways, and a little less than a year later, I was photographing the two of them on their wedding day in Omaha.

As if any friendship that starts with a wedding and follows with a pizza date could go any other way, we all hit it off and I'm lucky to add them to the list of clients who became friends. 

Here are some images i made of the day that they married each other in Nebraska.