Kansas City Wedding and Engagement Photographer

Hilary and Mitch met at Hooters. The rest is history.


JK - there's more. These two were so fun to photograph! We lucked out on a super sunny day and decided to explore the alleyways of Lawrence and eventually head out to Clinton Lake for some photos at sunset. Hilary and Mitch made it so easy - they have a funny, lighthearted banter about them that made the laughs plentiful and the entire evening so laid back. My favorite part of the session was hands down the moment when I asked them to yell out their favorite body part on the other person. I'm pretty sure Hilary said "BUTT!" and I know for a fact that Mitch yelled out "Her hair extensions." Queue me dying of laughter. 

Hilary  & Mitch - thank you a million times for hanging out with me and letting me take these for you. I had a blast. Your wedding is going to be the bomb.com. 

Kansas City Family Photographer

Usually, I spend this part saying nice things. About how the weather was wonderful, the farm was lovely, the kids were wild. Aundrea and Travis invited me out to their farm last fall to photograph their little family. TO BE HONEST: I had food poisoning this day and ended up being almost an hour late to the shoot. But, as all things happen for a reason, due to my tardiness I caught the most beautiful sunset and the sweetest moments that only occur at dusk on a farm. 7 dogs (knowing Aundrea this number might be higher by now.) Three humans. Countless pigs and cows and goats and turkeys and chickens later, they've built a beautiful home - and I'll let Aundrea take it from here:

"I’ve known since forever that adoption was the route for me if I ever decided to become a parent. We knew we wanted to adopt from the foster care system. I’ll never forget the day we got the call. It had been two months since we had been licensed and we waited, and waited. Days turned into weeks - which then turned into a few months. Then, one afternoon, the phone rang and we finally received placement. Travis (my husband) & I sat across from him eating dinner at the table that evening and just stared for 20 entire minutes. I’m not sure we even blinked. It felt as if we were watching a movie. This wasn’t real life. Fast forward two and half years, and here we are. It has been a whirlwind. One where we are, more often than not, on pins and needles, constantly holding our breath. Never knowing the next step. Navigating the court system, etc. It hasn’t been easy, and yet we wouldn’t change a thing. To see this little man’s smile, to hear his laugh, to dancing in the kitchen while scream-singing has made it all worth it. Every. Single. Day."

Here are the Shafers:

New York City Wedding at The Green Building in Brooklyn

Happy Valentines Day, lovers! I'm so excited to share this Brooklyn wedding at The Green Building in Gowanus. There's a sweet spot in my hearts for a fall wedding in Brooklyn. Sunset in Gowanus is one of the best places in Brooklyn to catch those golden hour tones – in my personal opinion. We started out at their apartment on the Upper West Side of New York City, where Nicole and her bridesmaids donned their wedding clothes and Nicole surprised her family and friends with a beautiful veil. Their entire day was full of intricate surprises for their guests. Nicole and Zack wanted their wedding to be focused on giving their family and friends an incredible experience – complete with a Lebanese Food Truck (the chicken shawarma gave me LIFE) and a SURPRISE vegan ice cream food truck that appeared during the reception. 

Another sweet detail of the day – Nicole’s aunt and uncle, Tom and Debbie, came early to the venue to build them a beautiful wooden chuppah for their ceremony. Tom also played the music during the ceremony alongside a couple of Nicole’s family members. All of the details of their day were so thoughtfully planned and none of it went unnoticed. Their enthusiasm for detail and the equality between both Nicole and Zack in their planning and the execution of their day was so refreshing. They invited a handful of couples that have demonstrated what a strong marriage looks like to give the seven blessings during their ceremony, and I think everyone watching had chills. It was so incredibly beautiful. The ceremony ended with Nicole and Zack both breaking the glass together – Nicole needed a couple of tries, but she did finally nail it with the help of her sweet grandpa.

It was an honor to be there and to photograph such a thoughtful event. Nicole and Zack are outstanding human beings and a joy to be around. Nicole and I both share a fervent passion for social justice, good falafel, and day dreaming about Elizabeth Warren becoming president one day. I’m happy to say that in addition to these badass photos we made together, we also made a new little friendship and gosh dangit, I just love them. 

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Austin Texas Engagement and Wedding Photographer

It doesn’t take much to convince me to take a trip to Texas. Austin is one of my favorite places, and I was so excited to travel down a couple weeks back to photograph Laura and Thomas for their engagement! Laura is a student in NYC and Thomas is a student in Austin, so they don’t see one another too often. Long distance for them is a breeze – they’ve been doing it for almost as long as they’ve known each other after meeting while studying abroad in Europe. We got together over a long three-day weekend and trekked up Mount Bonnell for some beautiful engagement portraits with a view. They’ll be having a New York City wedding this November, I can’t wait to photograph them again!




Pia & Matt | Kansas City Wedding Photographers

“We want our engagement pictures to be simple, romantic, and shaped by the nature around us.” Pia and Matt had a clear vision for their fall engagement session, and so many beautiful forces came together to make it happen. It’s not often that you get a warm sunny day in the middle of December, but we did. I'm so glad that Pia found me after searching for Kansas City Wedding Photographers on The Knot. These two met me at my house here in Lawrence and we drove out to the lake. I was so excited to show them around this area for the first time. Pia is from Germany and Matt is from Kansas City, but they met one another during their time in college in New York. I loved spending the afternoon hearing about how they fell in love (a story which I’m almost certain involved taping a classmate to a chair?) and hearing all about the time they spent together traveling Europe. They plan to get married in Austria in 2019 and I’m so excited to see how their story unfolds.

Earlier this year I started doing campfire engagement sessions with some of my couples – it’s one of my favorite ways to end the day. We all sat around a small fire near the water and shared a few beers. We talked about their wedding planning and about life in Europe vs. life in the states. I feel so lucky to have a career that allows me the flexibility of sharing these special moments and genuinely connecting with my couples outside of just taking their photos. I still can’t believe the weather was nice enough in mid December to end their engagement session with a campfire in Lawrence but I’m so glad that it was! I also owe a big thank you to my friend Cassoday Harder for coming along to assist so I could make this little video during their session. To see another one of my engagement sessions at Clinton Lake, click here.

New York City Greenwich Village Engagement Session

I was so lucky to meet Julia last summer when we shot a wedding together here in Kansas, and even luckier to be in NYC last month at the same time as she and Daniel. We wandered around the West Village of Manhattan for an hour to take some engagement photos. It was pretty cold but Julia had all three of us cracking up the entire time. They make a pretty sweet pair. <3

New York City Wedding and Elopement Photographer

Every invitation sent out by Jen and Ethan for their wedding was hand-typed on the typewriter sitting in their bedroom. They got ready together in their New York City apartment. She fixed his tie, he zipped her dress. They were married on a boat, anchored down right in front of lady liberty. They spent the night with family and friends, sailing down the Hudson River. It was breathtaking and simple and sweet and all of the things that good love stories usually are. I still can’t believe that they chose me to be there, but time and time again, I seem to get that lucky.