Meet Kansas City Wedding Photographer Hallie Sigwing

I bake a mean apple pie. My business assistant is a fluffy doodle named Ernest. I'm based in Kansas City. 

I shot my first wedding when I was 16. The plan was to use wedding photography as a way to pay for college.  I fell in love with weddings, and I've never looked back. 

I believe that making photos should feel good. I want you to feel like you are being photographed through the eyes of a friend; not a stranger with a nice camera. I believe that love of all kinds and people from all walks of life are fascinating and worth celebrating. I believe that falling in love is the hardest and most rewarding adventure that we have the chance to be a part of. Having the opportunity to tell your story is the privilege of my life.

My job isn't just to tell your story. It's to enhance your wedding day in any way that I can. I'm gonna hug your grandma. I'll remember all of your bridesmaids' names. I promise that I will bust my ass for you and your loved ones. And you better believe that you can meet me on the dance floor.

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