Kansas City Wedding Photography

Meet Kansas City Wedding Photographer Hallie Sigwing.

I bake a mean apple pie. My business assistant is a fluffy doodle named Ernest.

I'm based in Kansas City. 

I'm Hallie. I wear coveralls more than the average Jiffy Lube employee and if my life had a theme song it would be Trader Joe by Jungle Pussy. I came out of the womb with bangs and I’ve managed to go 24 years without ever seeing my forehead. I've been shooting weddings for 7 years. I was destined to do this. It's true. You're looking at a 4 time BACK2BACK professional flower girl circa the late 90's. I remember loving weddings when I was a kid because of three things: 1) Dancing, 2) Coleslaw, and 3) Grandmas. Coleslaw is gross and I'm probably not the wedding photographer your grandma would choose for you, but have faith, your grandma's gonna fucking love me.