Kansas City Winter Wedding Inspiration

I’ve been to a few weddings now (just a few) and one of the things that I always hear grandparents and parents reminding my couples in their toasts is to always make time to have fun together. Rachel and Stephen are well on their way to keeping the fun alive for a lifetime. Our Kansas City winter engagement session from a couple of weeks ago started with a snowy hike through the woods near Clinton Lake and ended with penguin shaped sleds and a pretty intense snowball fight. I loved hanging out with them all morning and getting to know the two of them. Their love story is pretty epic.. or should I say EPCOT. *laughs at my own joke.*

Stephen and Rachel met through mutual friends while working in Florida at Universal Studios and Disney World. Stephen had the coolest job I’ve probably ever heard of… doubling as a stunt man and one of the shrunken heads in Harry Potter world. I’m sorry, how is that your life? Can I also do that? Ok. Also - weirdest coincidence ever, Rachel and one of my very best friends, Katy aka KCOOPZ, worked together and knew each other at Disney back in the day. Katy and I met at a bar we worked at together when I lived in NYC and Rachel found me through The Knot here in Kansas City. THE UNIVERSE WORKS IN MAGICAL AND WEIRD WAYS. I can’t wait to shoot their wedding this December at The Everly in Kansas City. Here are some photos from our snowy engagement session together!

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