Creative Save the Date Inspiration

If there’s one thing that I have a small habit of obsessing over, it’s paper. I have entire drawers in my home dedicated to stacks of greeting cards and pretty letter writing stationary that I’ve picked up over the years to save for a rainy day. Sending a piece of personalized mail is one of my favorite things to do, and receiving it feels just as nice. I love plastering my couples’ save the dates and wedding invitations all over my refrigerator. I love seeing how each piece is unique to their personalities and style. My enthusiasm for paper is only a part of the reason why I am wildly excited to have partnered up with Basic Invite to design and test out some of their creative wedding save the dates. They make it SO easy to customize their designs. The possibilities are virtually endless! I whipped up a few invitations for the impending wedding of Cowboy Ernest (my dog) and Ella (my best friend Clinton’s pug) to show you guys how easy and beautiful designing your own stationary can be with Basic Invite. Plus, dog weddings are a niche I’m trying to wedge myself into, ya feel? K. Here we go.

Streamline the Design of Your Wedding Day:

Basic Invite offers over 900 wedding invitation sets! So many sets, Ernest could marry all 101 of the Dalmatians almost 9 times over, and we’d never run out of new invitation designs. Plus, how cute would a Dalmatian / Goldendoodle wedding be, right? My heart is going to explode.

The Diamond Monogram stationary suite immediately caught my eye. One of my favorite things about using Basic Invite is the ability to customize virtually every aspect of their stationary, from colors, to font, to design. Another fun fact: this design offers options for wedding invites, save the dates, response cards, wedding programs, accommodation cards, guest books, registry cards. . . . you get the idea. You can totally streamline your entire wedding design through Basic Invite, making all of those little details tie together in no time. Click here to see the full Diamond Monogram suite!

Free Wedding Websites & Address Collection Service:

Do you love free shit? Because I definitely do. Basic Invite offers FREE wedding websites, fully customizable just like their stationary! You can choose from over 180 colors AND many of their wedding stationary suites have coordinating website designs. Imagine having coasters, invites, direction cards AND a website, all matchy matchy. It’s like the juicy couture track suit of wedding stationary, if juicy couture track suits were still cool. And yes, FREE address collection service. Just create the link, send it to your homies, and voila. They also offer free envelope printing. Hell yeaaah. Click here to check out the Lavish Luggage design suit!

Custom Samples:

Basic Invite is one of the only stationary websites that allows you to print individual custom samples of your invites before you order, so you can double check the paper quality and color in real life before you pop those babies into the mail to your people. I created this sample invitation to Ernest’s 4th birthday party. It was perfect, of course, but it was great knowing that I could go back and revise it if I needed to! Also a nice safety net for the occasional typo. Not that you ever misspell things, my friend. You’re perfect, and we all know it.

That’s a wrap, kids! Use Basic Invite. They’re the shit. Their wedding stationary is top notch, the paper couldn’t be more beautiful, and I want to cover the entire surface area of my fridge with your invites RIGHT AWAY.

Love you. Mean it.

Hallie SigwingComment