Intimate DIY Seattle Mt. Rainier Summer Elopement

Elopements have a special place in my heart. There is something about them that is always on track: the focus doesn’t stray. At times, weddings can feel like grand orchestrations, but elopements almost always feel intentional. Smaller. Intimate. Quieter. There is nothing wrong with wedding days that are free, and big, and loud, and full of grand gestures. Both kinds of celebrations are beautiful in their own way.

Emry and Dalton decided to elope with their closest friends near Mt. Rainier in June of this year. The boys and I went out on the morning of the wedding and hiked some nearby trails to decide on a ceremony spot. I loved how laid back the entire day felt, the freedom of being without a timeline or a list of photos that needed to happen. Instead, I just stood back, (I had a horrible cold during this elopement so my voice was worth ~not shit~ anyway) and I paid attention. To the connection between the people in front of me, the beautiful landscape we were surrounded by, and the words that Emry and Dalton shared between one another as they made it official.

The morning after the wedding, we drove back up the mountain to catch sunrise from the peak. It was so quiet, and the fog covered the ground from every direction. The sunrise hitting the peak of Mt. Rainier looked like a wildfire from far away. It was one of the most magical mornings I’ve ever been a part of.

A big thank you as well to my bud Lexi for tagging along and helping with photo + video. Wedding film coming soon! xo