Kansas City Family Photographer

Usually, I spend this part saying nice things. About how the weather was wonderful, the farm was lovely, the kids were wild. Aundrea and Travis invited me out to their farm last fall to photograph their little family. TO BE HONEST: I had food poisoning this day and ended up being almost an hour late to the shoot. But, as all things happen for a reason, due to my tardiness I caught the most beautiful sunset and the sweetest moments that only occur at dusk on a farm. 7 dogs (knowing Aundrea this number might be higher by now.) Three humans. Countless pigs and cows and goats and turkeys and chickens later, they've built a beautiful home - and I'll let Aundrea take it from here:

"I’ve known since forever that adoption was the route for me if I ever decided to become a parent. We knew we wanted to adopt from the foster care system. I’ll never forget the day we got the call. It had been two months since we had been licensed and we waited, and waited. Days turned into weeks - which then turned into a few months. Then, one afternoon, the phone rang and we finally received placement. Travis (my husband) & I sat across from him eating dinner at the table that evening and just stared for 20 entire minutes. I’m not sure we even blinked. It felt as if we were watching a movie. This wasn’t real life. Fast forward two and half years, and here we are. It has been a whirlwind. One where we are, more often than not, on pins and needles, constantly holding our breath. Never knowing the next step. Navigating the court system, etc. It hasn’t been easy, and yet we wouldn’t change a thing. To see this little man’s smile, to hear his laugh, to dancing in the kitchen while scream-singing has made it all worth it. Every. Single. Day."

Here are the Shafers:

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