Kimberlee & Brandon : Kansas City West Bottoms Wedding at The Foundation

I really like Kimberlee and Brandon. There are many reasons. I like that the first thing Brandon’s mom told me when we met was that I needed to be ready for the dance floor later on because shit was about to go down. She wasn’t lying. See below for proof. I like that Kimberlee’s papa officiated their wedding, and her parents’ wedding and that was one of the things she was most excited about. I like that they ate nachos immediately following their ceremony. I like that they said their own vows and Brandon cried like a little babe (love u, bud. I cried too.) One of my favorite things that Brandon said in his vows was this: “I love how you always ask to carpool in the mornings, even though you only work 30 seconds away, so we can spend just a little more time together in the morning.” Yes, I got my phone out and wrote this down during your ceremony because it was that good. Cheers to you, cheers to your marriage and cheers to finding someone you love so much that you’d give anything just to spend 30 more seconds with them before you start your day. Also - how about the the fact that I managed to save the rest of the chocolate you bought me during your honeymoon in Italy for this moment so I had an incentive to blog. You da best.

Venue: The Foundation Event Space

DJ: Mike with Elite Sounds

Cake / Catering / Floral: Consentino’s

Dress: Gown Gallery

Tux: Accent Bridal

Officiant: Kimberlee’s Grandpa!!

Hair & Makeup: Salon Chemistry