Garden Plain, KS | Blake & Jessica

Summer in Kansas has always been a magical time for me. I love everything about it - the wildflowers, the sprawling golden wheat fields, fireflies in backyards, the loud songs of the cicadas from the trees. Last month I got to photograph my cousin and his beloved in a town we spent much of our childhood in - Garden Plain, Kansas. Blake and Jessica just got a puppy together - Cash - and he is the cutest. We ended our session in my grandpa's workshop. It's so special to me to photograph my family in these important places. I'm sure Blake and I both have similar memories of hammering nails into blocks of wood while Grandpa worked on something, catching fireflies in the backyard at night with the neighbor kids. We used to put them into mason jars and in the morning our parents (or grandparents) would have let the fireflies go and replace them with pennies, convincing us it was some type of summer magic. It was wonderful to take another deep look at the place where we spent so much time as kids and to make photographs there together. Here they are:

Hallie SigwingComment