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Hi – here is the realest love and otherwise story that you’ll see today!

Before my days of glamorous instagram coffee shop posts and beachy wedding getaways, I once resided on an air mattress in the spare bedroom of Tisha’s home. I was 18, heartbroken and broke, waiting tables to pay for gas and hungry to jump into this “wedding photographer” thing but unsure of where to begin. When few other people gave me their blessing to quit pursuing an empty college degree that I would never use and to take a swing at my dreams, she did. I told her all of my secrets and I watched as she settled into motherhood and built a home for her and Willie. The week that I moved to Brooklyn, she sent me a bouquet of flowers, reminding me that she would always be my home crowd, regardless of where I went. She’s my A team and my confidant. We navigated the outer edges of our twenties together. I could never have made it through that summer without her. A couple of weeks ago I visited her and Chad’s first home together and photographed their little family in the backyard. Nothing has ever made me the same kind of happy as seeing Chad love her so well. By blood we may be cousins, but she will always be my first sister.

Here’s to sisterhood, and tonka trucks. To childhood and muddy puddles. Most of all, here’s to images that serve my favorite purpose: to celebrate love and to freeze time for just a moment - long enough to appreciate where we used to be, and how far we have come.


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