I split my time between the Kansas prairie and the beautiful Hudson Valley. I spend most weeks out of the year traveling and exploring as much as I can of the places in between. I listen to copious amounts of NPR, I bake a mean apple pie, and my business assistant is a fluffy dog named Ernest.

I believe that love of all kinds and people from all walks of life are beautiful, and worth celebrating.

I believe that love is the hardest and most rewarding adventure that we, as human beings, have the opportunity to embark upon.

I shot my first wedding at the tender age of 16. I remember rolling up to the wedding day in my first car, with nervous, sweaty palms and a hand-me-down camera. I drove home that night exhausted to the bone, crying, filled with so much joy I thought I might burst from it all.

I knew on that day that I had found what I've been made to do. 

I'm unendingly grateful for the beauty I've been allowed to see, and for the people who have welcomed me into some of their best days. To experience these moments, some so rich with emotion that a photograph can hardly do it justice, and to make them last forever feels like time travel. To me, it's magic.

I will cry at your wedding. I'm gonna hug your mom. I'm gonna remember your bridesmaids' names. I will try not to dance, but I make no promises.

Say hello. Let's be friends.


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