Kansas City Wedding and Engagement Photographer

Hilary and Mitch met at Hooters. The rest is history.


JK - there's more. These two were so fun to photograph! We lucked out on a super sunny day and decided to explore the alleyways of Lawrence and eventually head out to Clinton Lake for some photos at sunset. Hilary and Mitch made it so easy - they have a funny, lighthearted banter about them that made the laughs plentiful and the entire evening so laid back. My favorite part of the session was hands down the moment when I asked them to yell out their favorite body part on the other person. I'm pretty sure Hilary said "BUTT!" and I know for a fact that Mitch yelled out "Her hair extensions." Queue me dying of laughter. 

Hilary  & Mitch - thank you a million times for hanging out with me and letting me take these for you. I had a blast. Your wedding is going to be the bomb.com.